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Learn Solutions to Your Business Challenges in a Supportive Environment

What is a Power Circle? 

A Power Circle is a formalized meeting of business owners focused on sharing knowledge, ideas, and challenges faced in the development and management of their small business. Power Circle members share and support each other in an encouraging, respectful manner and are led by a facilitator who manages the flow of the meeting and guides the Power Circle members for ultimate learning and idea sharing.

What are the Benefits of Joining a Power Circle?

  1. Power Circle facilitated by a business expert.
  2. Members are surrounded by a group of supportive business owners who understand what the other members are going through.
  3. Members get the opportunity to share experiences and brainstorm creative solutions to business challenges in a supportive and interactive environment.
  4. Each month will feature educational topics with occasional expert speakers.

How do the Power Circles Work? 

Members meet on a monthly basis for one and one-half hours to address issues and challenges impacting their businesses, as well as learn from experts on topics that affect the business.

Details of the WSBA’s Power CircleProgram:

  • Cost:  $75 per month
  • Timeframe:  Monthly, next Power Circle starts September 2018, register NOW
  • Commitment: Six-month minimum commitment requirement.
  • Maximum Attendees per Power Circle: Ten business owners per Power Circle
  • Getting Registered: Please contact Erika Gable at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 614-414-2449

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