Our tenants and participants are hard working women, and each has helped made the WSBA into a supportive and inspirational community of entrepreneurs.

Legacy Talent Resources

Wendy Taylor Loeser started Legacy Talent Resources because she understands the importance of gaining her client's trust. Their first priorities are the needs of their clients. They treat each client's company as though it was their own as they help them with finding and attracting the right talent.

Location: Suite A, 409 West Main

McCoy Wealth Advisors

John and LaRaine McCoy are a husband and wife financial advising team committed to helping their clients build healthy financial futures. As entrepreneurs, they have a heart for business owners and supporting the direct sales industry.

Location: Suites A, 403 West Main

Nurse Next Door of Central Ohio

Nurse Next Door of Central Ohio was founded by Stella and Jim Martin to provide quality health care support and assistance for families and friends wanting to provide their loved ones the best possible quality of life.

Location: Suite B, 403 West Main

Your Management Team, Inc.

In addition to helping run the Women's Small Business Accelerator, WSBA co-founder and CEO Mary McCarthy runs her own business consulting business. She helps clients with everything from creating business plans to developing an advisory board.

Location: Suite D, 409 West Main