"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope or confidence." - Helen Keller



How and why did you get involved?

Michelle: This is easy, Mary McCarthy approached me and asked me to be a part of the board and I got involved because of the alliance of my missions as a community banker, and with PNC bank's mission to engage women business owners to provide them with resources.

How long have you been involved?

Michelle: I joined the Board in the Summer of 2013

What is your favorite feature/benefit of the WSBA?

Michelle: The education program. It is like no-other program offered in the community. The WSBA six-month education allows startups to understand the true intricacies in running a company. It allows them to create more of a blue print for their company rather than starting off blind.

What is the best reward of being a board member?

Michelle: Getting to work with all of the other amazing board members as well as learning and growing as a female leader.

How would you best describe the WSBA to someone who does not know about it?

Michelle: I describe the WSBA as a resource for women business owners who are getting ready to launch their business or those who have been in business for a couple of years. The WSBA offers roundtables, educational programs and workshops on topics that will educate, inspire, and assist with understanding how to manage and run your business, and the WSBA has great, affordable office space that builds collaboration and growth.

What are your aspirations for this organization?

Michelle: I want the WSBA to be known as the premier office space and programming opportunity for women startups or for women who are still in the beginning stages of their businesses.

How would you describe the board's role in the WSBA?

Michelle: Our role as an operational board is to ensure that appropriate action steps are being put into place to reach the WSBA's goals and mission, and to ensure the WSBA is forward thinking so we can be a sustainable organization.

Why do you feel it's important to support women business owners?

Michelle: Statistics will tell you that women owned business are growing and we need to ensure that there are resources, education, and mentorship available, especially in the beginning stages so our women owned business become viable and sustainable.

Why does PNC sponsor the WSBA's annual event, Starting the Conversation?

Michelle: We feel that it is our role to in the community, especially the women business owner community, to provide support to our women business owners and leaders. This was one opportunity to create visibility for PNC and our women business advocates as well as supporting the community.