The Muse, a website offering job opportunities and expert career advice, listed 50 apps to track everything in life. From recording your moods to measuring your net worth, the comprehensive lists provides resources to manage a hectic lifestyle.

Although all of the apps are interesting, we saved you time and selected 10 of our favorite apps, both the predictable and peculiar, that assist the busy business owner. All of these are available for iPhone and Android, unless otherwise noted.

Health Apps:
1. Heart health is possibly the highest wellness priority for women. With the stress, irregular schedule and so on, women business owners need to be aware of their vitals. Check out Cardiograph, a personal heart rate monitor that “illuminates your index finger with your device's camera flash, rendering your finger red and measuring the changes in the color caused by your pulse.” Yes. Mind-blowing.



2. Even with a regular sleep schedule, it’s common to awaken feeling groggy. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock app helps you wake up when you’re in a light sleeping phase. Using your set alarm time, Sleep Cycle gives a 30-minute window to wake you at your lightest sleeping point. That way, every morning, you feel well-rested and alert.

Life Apps:
3. Tired of forgetting items at the grocery store? Although it’s nice and therapeutic to stock the fridge sometimes it can be one more task on top of everything else businesswomen need to recall. Out of Milk makes productive lists and keeps track of your pantry’s inventory. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one less task of which you had to keep track? Enough said.

4. Speaking of lists, Google Keep tracks your ever-growing to-do lists. It’s a free web app that allows you to “quickly capture what’s on your mind.” All of your notes are in one place, where you can easily track your completion (and indirectly may give you an idea where you need to delegate).

Technology Apps:
5. Sure, businesswomen need to be accessible most hours of the day. Our phones provide a portal to efficiency, however it could also effect our productivity. This is perhaps one of the most revealing apps. Checky for Android and Moment for iPhone quantify how much time you spend check your phone during the day. The results will shock you.

6. Losing items in the mail can impact an entire business day, especially when important events or meetings are involved. Parcel utilizes information from up to 240 delivery services to help you monitor the whereabouts of your packages. It’s only available for iPhone, but it is free.

Travel Apps:
7. When you’re in a hurry, the last thing you need is to be halted by traffic. Waze is a social media platform designed for uses to inform each other about real-time traffic situations. Time is money. Check this before you walk out the door and save yours.

8. Another way to stay updated on any travel delays is FlightTrack, which speaks for itself. It’s pretty incredible.

Work and Money Apps:
9. Women business owners need to accomplish a lot in one day. RescueTime helps measure productivity in work and life by tracking your daily habits. With accurate reports of where you spend your time, you can make quantifiable goals in productivity.

10. MintBills, formerly known as Check.Me, keeps track of your bills and money. The company commits that with this app, nothing will slip through the cracks. The app reminds you when your bills need to be paid, which can take a lot of stress off your mind.

These are our favorites, but we recommend checking out the entire list at The Muse when you have the time. With all there is for business owners to worry about, it’s refreshing to have apps that make life a little bit easier.